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Brick Repair Company in Crowley, TX

Welcome to Crowley brick masonry repair company where we offer the most affordable way to repair your home or business when […]

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German Smear Brick & Brick Painting

German Smear Brick Home is where memories are curated, and a good home needs good care. Your sweet home needs some […]

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Brick and Mortar masonry Repairs

Crowley Brick Masonry Repairs Do you have some cracked bricks or stones? Are you concerned about the integrity of your investment? […]

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Brick Repair Company in Crowley, TX

Welcome to Crowley brick masonry repair company where we offer the most affordable way to repair your home or business when it comes to masonry brick and stone repair.

If you’ve ever searched brick mason near me, most likely we have come up on your search results because we have a reputation of being the best masonry contractors in Crowley, TX and surrounding areas. Heck, we’re all over the metroplex.  Matter of fact, our sister company Burleson Brick Repair is right up the street.

So, even if you live outside of Crowley and are looking for brick for outdoor fireplace, fireplace chimney repair, or masonry contractors to install german schmear brick, don’t hesitate, give us a call!

Don’t let those old bricks that are crumbling, hinder the integrity of your home. If you have ever wanted to know the cost for a brick mailbox send us a message or give us, your Brick repair company in Crowley a call at 817-583-8541 and we’ll let you know… It’s that simple!

About Crowley Brick Repair

Here at your one – stop – shop for all brick and stone repairs and replacements, we offer a variety of different services, which we have been known for brick mailbox repairs and rebuilds as we have done enough of them to know exactly how they go up and typically can be done in a day for your convenience.

From matching your existing brick to color of mortar, even adding a new mailbox flag. You’ll soon find out that it’ll look just as if nothing ever happened. Consider us a brick doctor or whisper because we have a combined of four generations of masonry contractors that live and breathe laying brick.

Not only can we lay new brick on your home or business, but we are experts when it comes to building new brick and stone retaining walls. So, if you have a faulty retaining wall in your lawn, around your home or lake front property and are needing it repaired or even replaced, you know who to call. That’s right!! Crowley Brick Repair.

Any type of brick work from painted brick on home to cleaning brick and stone with a pressure washer to any masonry work, we have our ace brick repair crews on standby, waiting to serve You! By the way, no need to search “masonry supply stores near me” as we do all the work for you when it comes to matching the stone or brick. Again, we are your one – stop – shop!

Learn More about Us As Your Brick Masonry Repair Company

New brick mailbox rebuilds by Crowley Brick masonry repair company

New Brick Mailbox and Repair

OMG!!! Has your brick or stone mailbox been hit by a car or a tank and is now scattered across your lawn and your neighbors? Yep… we’ve seen that too many times before. This is why we have become the leader when replacing brick and stone mailboxes here in Crowley and the DFW area.

Just know, generally when this happens and the driver is kind enough to stop and let you know. It most likely is covered by their insurance company and if not, yours. So, don’t feel like you’re out of pocket for this expense.

We can work with your adjuster by sending them the required estimates to get this handled for you. If you’re just needing a new brick and/or stone mailbox just because, then we can help you design your dream brick mailbox and usually get the color of brick to match your home.

Ever wanted a german smear brick mailbox? What a beautiful picture. Give us, your brick masonary company a call and we’ll shoot on over to your home and inspect, draw out a plan then get to work.

German smear brick repair by Crowley Brick masonry repair company

German Schmear and Brick Painting

Ahh.. the satisfying look and feel to german schmear bricks is so delightful and very appealing to the eye. The look gives an old rustic look and feel leaving your home making it look like an old cottage or castles found throughout Northern Germany. It also mimics the look of heavy mortar joints and irregular stones.

German Schmear or some call it German “smear” also known as mortar wash is very trendy today and is very affordable. Give us a call for a free quote, for your home and business today! Have you ever thought about painting your brick? It too is very affordable nowadays.

We can transform your old bricks and cracked mortar into a beautiful finish, in any color of your choice. We can even make your brick purple. Yes… we done that too!

Brick and stone masonry repairs by Crowley Brick masonry repair company

Brick and Stone Repair

We’ve all seen or had some of those loose brick or stones in our home that look daunting and we try to look away hoping they will either fix themselves or just won’t get any worse. Well now’s the time to get them fixed by one of our masonry contractors.

Look, we all know they’re not going to fix themselves and trust me, it only gets worse from here. Even if you have smaller brick repair jobs these too can create bigger problems in the future as surrounding bricks take on more of the load cause a domino effect and eventually, boom!

You find yourself with more out of pocket cost. We handle all types of projects from large to small; from a couple of loose bricks to full on remodels. Here at Crowley brick repair, we can handle it all.

New brick fireplace chimneys by Crowley Brick masonry repair company

Brick Chimney Repair

Isn’t the chimney pictured above just a beautiful brick chimney? You too can have one when you call your local masonry company; Crowley brick masonry repair company. We can even match the color to compliment the brick around your mailbox. Need new flashing around the chimney? Give us a call.

Even if you have a stone chimney, we too can repair those as it takes a little more time and patiences. Our brick masons are skilled in this area. We love being able to face a challenge of climbing a roof to fix a brick fireplace chimney. Did I mention we warranty our brick work for up to two years?

The worst thing to have happen is loose brick fall off the roof and clocking you on your head. Even if your not sure about the integrity, give us a call to have one of our brick chimney repair pros come evaluate it for you at no cost.

Brick Cleaning done right by Crowley Brick masonry repair company

Brick Cleaning

Oh lordi, those Adolescence done tagged your house or business with graffiti. Don’t panic, our pressure washing crew can take that right off your brick home or building. Just give us a call and we’ll come by and give you a free brick cleaning quote.

We can either power wash the affected area or replace bricks and repoint the mortar in worst case scenario. Most of the time folks are looking to get driveways, parking lots and garages cleaned by just due to age and staining from erosion. Just know, we can handle most of all bricked or concreted areas in this regard.

Archway repairs by crowley Brick masonry repair company

Archway Restoration

Plain and simple, we have some of the best masonry repair crews around as we have over 4 generations of talent. When it comes to making radius’ with brick or restoring archways with brick and stone, we should be at the top of your list of brick masonry repair company to call for a free estimate with no obligations. So don’t let those brick arch cracks worry you any longer. Yes, it’s important to fix them but know it certainly can be done.

Contact Us

There is only one thing to do at this point, and that’s to give your brick company of choice; Crowley brick masonry repair company a call for your free inspection. Our preferred brick masons are ready to help you come up with a plan, create ideas for you, or just to repair your brick structure, to bring you peace at mind. If you have no time to speak and would like for us to reach out to you at your convenience, please fill out the form on this page with your request and we’ll do our best to fulfill it. Thank you for choosing your masonry contractors in the DFW to handle all your brick repair needs.