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Every person desires a beautiful home space that exists with all the basic amenities they ever dreamt of but in between, they always forget to focus on exterior structure and pay more on the interior. Although, these exterior surfaces play an important part in an aesthetic and sparkling look to your home. So what came as a solution? Brick Cleaning! 

Brick cleaning cleanses your dirty walls and gives them a new original look that shines thoroughly. However, brick cleaning somewhat requires a professional knowledge of masonry which can be driven only through the interior and exterior brick cleaning services. Still, there is plenty of space to play your cards. Let’s get started:

3 Tips That You Should Know About Brick Cleaning :

  • The smoother bricks are more often easy to clean than the cracked ones.
  • The absorption rate for hard bricks is low which makes them easy to clean.
  • The permeable bricks hold some amount of paint in them which makes them less easy to hold.

Methods To Wash Bricks:

Power Washing: Power washing can be an effective method for cleaning the interior and exterior of your walls without the hassle of hiring labor. These machines can be used from a certain wall distance for washing properly. However, It can lead to damage to the masonry if not performed accurately. Also, This method should be ignored for the areas having a restriction on water supply.

Grit Blasting Method: It is a process generally done by using a pressured grit stream to the brick surface and proven out to be effective for making brick walls smooth or rough. A series of actions are performed as a part of this cleaning method commencing from removing contaminants. It can be utilized for removing organic matter alongside its pores which significantly increases the gap between cleaning schedules.

Ammonia Cleaning: It stood among the top on the list of simplest cleaning methods. As the name suggests, this process involves mixing ammonia in water for cleaning the surface directly. However, It is an efficacious way to do so but you have to be extra super-cautious.

DOFF Cleaning: This method removes the stain through superheated water but is managed in an entirely different way. In a layman’s term, the superheated water is passed through a fan. The water pressure is maintained under the assistance of an engineer which then exits into the hotbox. A heat resistant nozzle is attached directly to it.

Boric Cleaning: Boric cleaning has enough potential for becoming your favorite cleaning method. As simple as ammonia, you just have to put boric acid on a towel and rub it against the unwanted additions to your brick wall. You should be careful enough while using this method and should wear protective gear for preventing any type of damage. Remember, It’s you who decides the extremity of a solution and should be choosing one that suits you well.

With a range of terms and conditions associated with the safety of your brick wall, It is advisable that you hire a professional brick cleaning company that has comprehensive knowledge of all the current brick cleaning methods and knows how to use them well for a brick cleaning job without causing any type of damage.

These companies are superstitious in maintaining their excellence and know all the ins and out to provide customers with a smooth experience. Professional Brick Cleaning companies such as Crowley Brick Repair are a good place to start when searching for a suitable contractor for any masonry repair or cleaning job.

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