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German Smear brick in crowley Texas

German Smear Brick

Home is where memories are curated, and a good home needs good care. Your sweet home needs some pampering every now and then. Levelling up the design and look of your exterior and interior walls helps your house to stand out from the rest. Do you think that your beloved home is in dire need of a classy makeover? Are you looking for a smart way to breathe life back into your boring walls? Well, if your answer is affirmative, then utilizing German smear bricks can be a great idea.

German smearing technique is a popular choice of the 21st century home seekers. This hottest design trend can fix your worn out bricks and transform your dull-looking brick house into a marvellous palace. Schmear is a German word, and it means to spread so by this German smearing technique is analogous to brick whitewashing, but both the processes are quietly different. In German-smearing wet mortar is utilized instead of diluted latex paint. Although, It creates an old-world look that is always in trend and additionally can be done at your hand. Let’s take a sneak peek into the DIY technique for applying German smears to bricks.

How to apply German smear to brick for “DIY” (Do It Yourself)

1. To begin with, get hold of good quality mortar. The mortar consists of blended Portland cement, lime sand and water.

2. Next, you will need to mix the above-mentioned ingredients in the correct ratio, as without the apt ratio, the mortar can crumble and fail to produce the desired effect. If you want to avoid the daunting task of mixing the mortar, then you can purchase a premixed blend where you will only need to add water to have a fine mix. You can create earth hued shades by adding colour additives to the mortar mix. The less amount of water is appropriate for a heavily textured smear while adding more water is the need of a dilute mixture.

3 Now, let’s focus on the bricks. Start by cleaning them so that they can be dirt-free. You can utilize a bristle brush or spray it with water to remove the dirt and mud.  

4. Dampening the bricks before applying the mortar can create a mesmerizing effect and curate the perfect German smear brick.

5. Put your goggles and gloves on, and then smear the mortar mix on the bricks. Don’t miss out on the joints and wipe off the extra layers of smears from the surface when the process is finished.

6. German smear works the best on bare bricks, and German smearing is an irreversible technique that cannot be removed from the bricks.

For rejuvenating your tired looking bricks, German smearing can be the best choice.Still It can be a daunting task and needs a professional hand to do so.

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